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Welcome to Expert Handyman and Remodeling!

Posted on: March 2, 2017

We are proud to have the opportunity to welcome you to our digital corner of the world. We would like to thank you for taking the time to stop by and get to know us a little better. The premise of Expert Handyman is simple, to provide the homeowners of Northern Virginia and D.C. with personalized remodeling and home repair services, at reasonable prices. We practice the values that our company was based upon, those include: punctuality, quality, and customer satisfaction. We recognize that Expert Handyman would not exist without our amazing customers and we take great pride in the projects that we have completed for them. If you need a taste of what we are about please take a moment to read our Testimonials and see just what our clients think of our work.


When you are dealing with people’s property, it is critical that the work being performed is over and above the bar. It might not always be apparent, but there are many contractors and handyman services out there that simply not up to par. The work is shoddy, the company is not accountable and the relationship lead to nothing but frustration. Expert Handyman has pledged to take a higher path since the day we started. We believe that providing work of exceptional quality is the best way to keep our clients happy and build solid relationships. The idea is that our work will speak for us long after we are gone and that is one of the most important aspects of working on people’s homes.     


The most important part of any solid building is the foundation and at Expert Handyman we believe in nurturing the relationships with our customers. We practice what we preach and we believe that one of the cornerstones of doing business is integrity. Our belief that integrity and a solid work ethic are two of the most important aspects of our handyman services. Without integrity, a business cannot thrive like is should.


Skilled Craftsmanship

Do you think that Da Vinci would have been asked to paint the Sistine Chapel if it was only because his brother-in-law knew the owner? Of course not, he got the job because he was good! At Expert Handyman services we get that not everyone can be a skilled carpenter and that is ok. So next time you need anything from plumbing to windows, resist the urge to call your brother’s friend who was a roofer in college, and call in the professionals at Expert Handyman. We know you will be pleased with the results and you won’t even need to buy us frosty beverages and pizza.

So if you have projects around the house that need to be done, projects that you always wish had been done, or even projects you haven’t thought of yet; remember to give Expert Handyman a call today! Don’t forget to check out our specials page for periodic updates and money saving offers!