Happy Fourth of July!

We made it to the most important holiday in America, The Fourth of July. As the insanely hilarious Ron Swanson once so eloquently pointed out, “History began July 4th 1776. Anything before that was a mistake.” This amazing holiday is known for many things but mostly the most American of celebratory gestures, explosives. Ok, so maybe the Europeans and the Chinese had the market cornered on the hand deployed fireworks, we tend to take our celebrations quite serious, especially here in DC.

Take A Break

At Expert Handyman, we want to wish you a happy and safe Fourth of July, and if you have a long weekend, congratulations! Take this time to spend it with family and friends, and the most important thing is that you absolutely put off all of the projects around the house and simply enjoy the time off. That is what we are here for, to take care of the issues around your home so you don’t have to. We offer handyman services, light plumbing and electrical, and even remodeling, you know, just in case your kitchen burns down from an errant bottlerocket. Expert Handyman is your local go-to home repair and maintenance contractor specializing in handyman services. No matter what is on your list to repair around your home, we can fix it, leaving you time to spend with your family.   

Leave The Work To Us

The celebration of our independence is about family and remembering those who fought for our freedom, those never able to go back to their families. This holiday weekend, let’s remember their sacrifice and hold each other a little tighter. We are extremely proud to serve our customers in the Northern Virginia and DC area and would like to wish each and every one of you a happy independence day. Be careful with the fireworks, and have an extra piece of pie for us, we will be out making this country better, one repair at a time.           

Expert Handyman Wishes You a Happy Memorial Day

Here we find ourselves again, another Memorial Day weekend will soon be past. The coals on the BBQ have gone cold, the last hotdog, black and charred, smolders forgotten at the back of the grate. It seems like time goes by much too quickly after one is beyond the age of 16 and you need to take a bit more time to look around and smell the flowers. At Expert Handyman and Remodeling we are in the business of helping you make the most of those blank spaces on the calendar. We provide the finest handyman and remodeling services in the Northern Virginia and DC area, making it easy for you to take advantage of our vast array of services. In addition to saving you time, contracting Expert Handyman will ensure that our work is completed to our exceptional standards. What are our standards you may ask? Let’s just say that we don’t quit until the job is done, and done right. Leaving you with time to relax and spend quality time with your family.

Memorial Day Memories

Memorial day is an amazing little gift that was paid for with the ultimate sacrifice, through the brave deeds of our men and women serving in the Armed Forces. It is a time when they are remembered for their sacrifices for our country and their families. It is a time when the general public is granted a long weekend of relaxation and time with family, because of what these brave souls did for our freedom. The origins of memorial day go back to Civil War times. The Civil War took a great toll on this country in terms of casualties and resources. It is after this conflict that more emphasis was put on decorating the graves of fallen service men. The government eventually followed suit and declared May 30th as memorial day. Well as you may have guessed, arrangements were made and the last Monday in May was adopted in the 1970s, because politicians like three day weekends, too. In the years that followed, memorial day has come to represent the beginning of summer and the end of the school year for the children. This year we get roughly a hundred days of summer and it will be over far too fast.     

Honoring Their Memory

Today, Memorial Day has become saturated with “once in a lifetime” sales of mattresses and cars. It is up to us to keep the tradition alive by honoring those who gave their lives for our country. In their honor, hold your family tight and enjoy your time with those you love this weekend. At Expert Handyman, we value the connections that we make with our customers and we wish you all a happy Memorial Day, filled with remembrance and times with loved ones. And if you happen to have an issue with your home let the professionals at Expert Handyman and we will get you fixed up so you can enjoy your summer! Happy Memorial Day everyone!         

Expert Handyman, Defenders of History

In Northern Virginia and D.C., we have the advantage of a vast amount of history. Not only that, but the opportunities to tap into that history are all around us. Those out west have a different relationship with the history of their region, as the European documentation of the area began much later. This contrast of experiences, between Eastern and Western history, are much more evident when you look deeper than the actual events. The only snapshot into daily life of 200 years ago we can tangibly experience today is architecture and what is more important to a Handyman than architecture?


Old Homes and Old Plumbing

The homes in our area can be, literally, hundreds of years old and a home like that brings its own history to the table. Every family that has lived there has put its own certain spin on the home and chances are, there have been some less than intelligent choices made in repair techniques. Old homes are like a dog that you adopt with a medical condition. The maintenance is going to be a factor in keeping it going. A beautiful old home crumbling into ruin is one of the saddest sights one can imagine. All that history and some are content to let it slip away. At Expert Handyman Services we are defenders of history. Thats right, we keep your home, old or new, from crumbling into a pile of dust and shingles. We fix the little problems that appear as your home ages. Similar to the way grandpa has to have his plumbing checked every year, a comprehensive inspection of all the functioning parts of your home is greatly encouraged.    


Okay, so maybe it is not that dramatic but what we can do, is keep your home in good repair. Our skills are not limited to simple tasks, like installing doorknobs or light switches, although we will gladly install light switches and doorknobs for you. We also happen to be a full service remodeling company, with years of experience renovating kitchens and bathrooms. If you ask anyone which room they would like to renovate in their home, chances are they will say either the kitchen or bathroom. What about hardwood floors? Yes, we do that too, what would a complete kitchen or bathroom remodel look like without a new floor? Not very professional. We can install a hardwood, stone, or even retro themed linoleum floor, pretty much any dream you have for your kitchen or bathroom, we can make it come true.

Like Magic

Now your vintage home has probably been through many renovations in its time, assuming that you own a vintage home. When that is the case, the remnants of an old remodel could be hanging around. The hangover of someone else’s bad decision. If that is the case, let Expert Handyman fix the less than desirable parts of your home. There are always parts of a home that, when we decide to buy it, are not quite what we want. With the right talent and enough time, those undesirable aspects can be erased from existence. Not only are we defenders of history, we make undesirable home features disappear, so I guess that makes us magicians too.


All kidding aside, the professionals at Expert Handyman are privileged to serve the people of Northern Virginia and Washington D.C. Our philosophy is one of quality and integrity, the key qualities of a business if you ask us. Every handyman company that is out there should provide good, solid services, but we think that following our key values comes through in every aspect of our work. From the exceptional craftsmanship of the carpentry we produce, to the worry free aspect of having a professional repair a plumbing leak. We think of it as providing much more than simply repair services; we give you peace of mind. When it comes to your home, piece of mind is priceless.
When we perform any service or maintenance on your home we want you to look at it with as much pride as we do when we are finished. Your home is important to you, that means it is important to us and we thank you for letting us contribute to the history of your home.