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Rental Property and Small Business Services

Posted on: May 25, 2017

Have you ever thought about going into business for yourself but did not know where to begin? There are many opportunities, especially in Northern Virginia and DC. You could open a restaurant, a retail shop, or even an artisan cupcake and gourmet toast bistro. The possibilities are endless and with enough hard work you can be successful. Sounds easy right? At Expert Handyman Services, we understand the thrill and the pressure of starting a small business because we are one ourselves! We have been in business for more than 12 years and have seen the fluctuations that come with an economy that can reward you one minute and make things difficult the next. The only way to create a successful business is to truly believe in what you are doing and form lasting partnerships with your customers. At Expert Handyman we strive to provide our customers with the finest handyman services anywhere and relish the opportunity to make new connections. That being said, we also enjoy helping other small business owners realize their dream.

A Partnership

When you start a small business things can happen very quickly. If you have purchased your own building, the property is a major player in your business and must be taken care of. Short of a property management company, your options for maintaining your physical business is limited. Of course you could perform upgrades, and maintain your building yourself, but what business owner wants to deal with that? Performing repairs, light remodels and day-to-day upkeep can be a burden that takes away from your main focus. This is where the professionals at Expert Handyman Services can be a valuable business partner. Doors, windows, light electrical and plumbing, even exterior services like power washing and siding repair; all are services we offer to small business owners as well as homeowners. We are sure that you will find our services to be extremely valuable to your small business.

Rental Properties

When faced with the decision to sell their current home when moving into a new one, homeowners may decide to hang on to their home and offer it as a rental. This can be a great opportunity to make supplemental income and begin to acquire additional properties. We all know that real estate is a great investment, and getting your foot in the door is as easy as having a good credit score. Now, simply buying the properties is only the first step in becoming a landlord and many other things need to be considered. Unless you have it specified in the lease agreement, tenants are not responsible for routine maintenance to the home. Of course, things like yard work, keeping the place clean, and tenant-caused damage is generally the responsibility of the resident. When you own a rental home things can, and will, go wrong. It could be something simple like a leaky faucet, or a major problem like a flooded basement from a broken pipe, but at some point or another, an issue will arise.

In these situations, it is best to have a plan, and Expert Handyman is proud to offer rental property maintenance services. We want you to think about us whenever you need to maintain or repair issues in your rental property. Have more than one home? We can handle that too! Our services even include kitchen and bath remodels that can keep your rental in high demand for years to come. We repair and install fencing, replace appliances and even patch that hole in the drywall. At some point or another you may have a tenant move out and leave damage, whether that be a severely damaged floor or burned countertops. Repairing these things yourself, particularly when you are hoping for a fast turn around can be an issue. We can get in and out within a reasonable amount of time, allowing you to bring in new tenants and start making money again.                              

As the clear alternative to impersonal property maintenance services, Expert Handyman has the experience to tackle any of your rental property needs. Please contact us for any of your small business or rental property maintenance needs, and go with the experts at Expert Handyman. яндекс