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Get The Bathroom You Want With Expert Handyman

Posted on: June 26, 2017




There are two rooms in your home that would create a catastrophe if they were out of commission: the bathroom and the kitchen. Due to the close proximity of several restaurants in the DC area, it is possible to get by for quite a while without a functioning kitchen. The bathroom, however, is another story if it were to be rendered unusable by something completely unexpected, like Russian space junk, (more on that later). Regardless, not having a bathroom in your home is unacceptable Besides, who wants to go all the way downstairs to use the guest room bathroom?

When you have a bathroom crisis, it can feel like no response can be fast enough. Not only is Expert Handyman your local bathroom remodeling experts but we also are able to repair the damage, in case the unexpected occurs. The unexpected could be anything from broken pipes to flaming curling irons, either way Expert Handyman is ready to help get your bathroom back up and running.

Problems You May Encounter In The Bathroom


If you have a home that is more than 40 years old and the pipes have never been replaced, generally you are living on borrowed time. Pipes of that age are subject to deterioration and leaks. A leak that occurs in the bathroom is generally due to deterioration and will more than likely be under the sink or in the wall. Older pipes, particularly galvanized ones, are slowly eaten away from the inside and there is usually little or no warning when an old pipe is going to let go. Copper pipes are not as susceptible to aging badly, but copper pipes can fail at any time.


The bathroom would be nothing without a functioning toilet, in fact, the defining feature of the bathroom is often the most neglected. The poor toilet has what could be argued as the worst job in the home and demands the most critical response when something goes wrong. A common problem for toilets is the wax ring at the bottom. That’s right—all that is standing between the toilet leaking all over the floor is a ring of wax. Of course, technology has blessed us with seals made of different materials, but in reality, the wax ring is very effective. Much like anything, the wax ring can leak and create a less than ideal situation when the toilet is flushed.

The other issue that commonly goes wrong with the toilet is the mechanism in the tank. When you pull the back off of the toilet it can resemble a Rube Goldberg machine, or Pee Wee Herman’s alarm clock. There are floats and valves, all connected by a series of chains and levers. If any one of these components is misaligned or worn out, you could have a leak. The leak will not be evident but could cost you in wasted water and an inefficient toilet.


Lighting and ventilation are two of the most important things in your bathroom. The space needs to be well lit and vented to the outside, for various reasons of course. If the fan is not working, moisture from the shower or bath can cause mold problems and increase the possibility of moisture working its way into the woodwork and electrical system. The electrical system in your bathroom is pretty much the same as everywhere else in your home but due to the dramatic differences in humidity that is present, it can be taxing on light fixtures, outlets and switches. Installing new light fixtures and switches not only updates the entire space, but it can provide a much needed boost your bathroom.

Catastrophic Circumstances

On the occasion that a major event were to occur to your bathroom, it may be time for a remodel. Situations like a flood from a burst pipe, falling Russian space junk, a small fire or a leaking bathtub occur, all the time throughout the nation. Ok, maybe not the falling space junk, but you just never know. A woman was sitting on her couch in Oklahoma and she was hit in the leg by a piece of space junk that had crashed through her roof and we really don’t know exactly what happend to Elvis. In any case, Expert Handyman is your local bathroom remodeling source. We can create the elegant space you want. Not that anything has to flood, catch on fire or explode to warrant a remodel, it could be just to get rid of the yellow toilet and baby blue bathtub.

One-Stop Bathroom Handyman    

If you have any of the issues listed above and don’t know where to turn, think Expert Handyman. We are experts in electrical and light plumbing, handyman services and bathroom remodeling. Fixing that leaky toilet? We got that. Replacing the ventilation fan and light fixtures? Of course we can help you with that! Fixing the leaky pipes under the sink? We have just the handyman for that! So not matter what you need done to your bathroom, Expert Handyman is able to accommodate your needs, be it a full remodel, or a faulty GFCI outlet, we have you covered. We pride ourselves on our attention to detail, an exceptional level of service, and 100 percent commitment to customer service. Please give us a call today about our services. Be it kitchen, bathroom or any other room in your home, at Expert Handyman Services, we are here for you!